Upgrade: Package version 2.38


These are the OpenMoves for Salesforce release notes, with the latest release at the top and descending in historical order.

Package upgrade installation

Administrative users are alerted to an available upgrade by a panel appearing in the configuration tab page.

Release notes

Package version 2.38 - marketing automation released 18th January 2017

Package release for OpenMoves for Salesforce on January 18th 2017 was a feature upgrade and included the following changes:

  • Enables support for Salesforce Lightning Experience
  • Adds new Salesforce Lightning components
  • Updates the interface with a new and consistent look and feel using the Lightning Design System (available for Salesforce Classic and Lightning users)
  • Updates managed email marketing reports date ranges to automatically report on the current financial year

Please note

For security purposes, Lightning components now require you to define a custom Salesforce domain name for your organisation. Before upgrading to 2.38 and using Lightning components, you might need to take action to add a subdomain to your Salesforce org URL with the 'My Domain Salesforce' feature. More information is available here -https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/winter16/release-notes/rn_lightning_cruc.htm
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