Upgrade February 15, 2017

OpenMoves' scheduled maintenance and upgrade for February 15, 2017 includes:

An improved contact view

We've overhauled how you view, manage and edit your contacts. We hope you find it cleaner, friendlier and a lot more digestible!

When you edit a contact, you now go to the 'Manage contact' page which is organised into four tabs - 'Summary', 'Data fields', 'Insight data' and 'Activity'.

  • 'Summary' contains all the usual key information about the contact, which includes their default contact data fields and any notes you may have stored against them. 
  • 'Data fields' contains an alphabetical list of your created contact data fields. These can be organised into folders, plus you can create new contact data fields from here and set an initial value for the contact.
  • 'Insight data' enables you to choose from your Insight collections and view any records stored against the contact
  • 'Activity' replaces the old contact activity report, allowing you to view campaigns you've sent to the contact, the address books and segments they're in, and programs they've been enrolled in.

Read more in Viewing and editing a contact.


PayPal support in EasyEditor

Are you looking to sell directly via your campaigns or landing pages? Then EasyEditor's new PayPal button is for you! Drag it and drop it in (from the 'Content' building blocks section) to take your contacts directly through to the PayPal checkout. You're able to specify the description, cost and other details for the product or service you're selling.

Read more in Adding PayPal payment options to your campaigns.

Other improvements

  • Advanced personalization now allows you to output a contact's ID, a campaign's name and a campaign's ID
  • We've reintroduced the ability to add auto-responders on the 'Select contacts and schedule campaign' stage 
  • We've added support for the List-Unsubscribe via mailto mechanism in our email headers
  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented (surveys and forms not included)
  • Plus around 20 bug fixes
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