Welcome to the LassoBack reporting platform!

Welcome to the LassoBack reporting platform!  Here is where you will be able to see the statistics for abandonment on your website and for your abandonment campaigns.




Your main navigation will be found at the top of the page and is divided into 4 sections, Account Settings, My Dashboard, Reports and Email Platform.




When you log into the platform, you will automatically be taken to the Reports section.  This is the main area with all your canned reports.  Each report is listed on the sidebar to the left and they cover overviews of Abandonment statistics, summary and detailed campaign reports, detailed reports on visitors to your website and, depending on which Abandonment package you have, detailed statistics on the products visitors put into their basket or purchased, or the form questions they answered.

Each of these reports can be filtered by a number of parameters like date range, campaign, activity, or status.  If there is a specific group of parameters you find yourself using often, you can save the settings as a Bookmark.  These saved Bookmarks are listed on your Dashboard.

Your abandonment campaigns are configured and sent from OpenMoves' OM3 email platform.  This platform is linked to the Email Platform tab of your top navigation.  If you have not logged in to the OM3 email platform before, you will have to confirm your access when logging in through LassoBack.  The first time you log into OpenMoves, your email address is matched to your computer's IP address, as a layer of security. As part of the initial login process, a confirmation message is sent to your email address to confirm the relationship. Clicking the link within that email completes the confirmation process.  Please note that if your IP address changes or you log into OM3 from a different location, you will be presented with the confirmation process again.

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