Being a marketer, we understand it can be tough just managing your company, let alone your email marketing campaigns. That’s why, to help you ease any future issues with your sends and deliverability, we’ve come up with a list of deliverability recommendations that you should follow before you even start sending.

  • Clean your list
    • Check for incorrectly formatted emails that may contain invalid domains (ie: should be
    • Use a list cleaning and verification company that will take your list and “ping” each email to make sure they’re valid
    • Remove spamtraps. You can do a quick search through your list for email addresses containing the words “spam” or “junk”.
    • We also recommend not sending to emails containing “mailroom@”, “mail@”, “info@”, “admin@”, “postmaster@”, “abuse@” and any general prefix email addresses. Many of these general mailboxes are not monitored and may be marked as spam.
  • Use double opt-in when signing up members
    Double opt-in means that the subscriber must click a link in an email to verify that they want to receive future emails from you. This will reduce spam and verify that the email entered is a real email address.
  • Set up your segments to include only the past 180 day openers and/or clickers
    By doing so, you are sure to send to only people who are interested and actually read your emails.
  • Remove inactive subscribers & remove user complaints
    Send a reactivation email to subscribers who have not opened/clicked in the past 180 days. By doing to, you can confirm whether they still want to receive your email or not. If they choose to opt-out, or ask you to remove, you should suppress them from all future sends.
  • Add a link to unsubscribe or preference center
    An unsubscribe link is required for all marketing emails, but a preference center is even better because it allows your subscribers to choose what type of emails they want to receive and/or how often they want to receive it as opposed to making them opt-out of all emails altogether.

    In addition, you should place the unsubscribe/preference center link both at the bottom of the email and the top. This helps decrease the amount of subscriber who may click the “mark as spam” button in the email browser.

    Also, for a preference center, we recommend giving subscribers to choose less/more emails. For example, give subscribers the option to receive weekly vs monthly emails so instead of unsubscribing altogether, they might only just want to receive one email per month. On the set up side, your segments can also be weekly vs monthly and once per month, you will send to both weekly and monthly, while the rest of the emails would be weekly.
  • Send consistently and at a consistent time
    ISPs and subscribers both love to see that you follow a regular schedule because it increases your open rate. Schedule your sends for the same time of the week or if you have a history of sends, you can choose “optimized” to send to subscribers at the time they usually open.
  • Use consistent “from” addresses
    Change your address only if it’s a different set of subscribers. Changing the “from” address too many times causes ISPs to think your emails are inconsistent and looks like spam.
  • Always include a plain text version of your email
    Spam filters like to see a plain text version of your email and sometimes email browsers can’t handle HTML so they display the text version. In addition, people who check email on their mobile device may have their devices set NOT to download the full images and HTML since it uses much more of their data. It may seem like a lot of work but you can easily generate a plain text version in EasyEditor by clicking “Generate plain text version”.
  • Remind subscribers to save your email address as a safe sender
    Ask subscribers to add your email address to their “safe sender” or “address book”, so ISPs see that people want to receive emails from you and that your emails are not spam.
  • Test all links
    Make sure all links go to the correct page and make sure there are no dead links. Spam filters can pick this up.
  • Avoid Spam key words
    Certain keywords are a big no-no for ISPs and based on the amount of spam keywords in your email, you may trigger spam filters causing your email to bounce or land in junk. Here are some top keywords you should avoid in your subject and message:

100% free
cancel at any time
dear friend
Drastically reduced
Earn $
Earn extra cash
for only ($)
Free grant money
Free Instant
Free investment
Free offer
Free trial
great offer
Join millions of Americans

Lose weight
Make $
Meet singles
No gimmick
Online biz opportunity
Potential earnings
risk free
Score with babes
special promotion
this is not spam
Undisclosed recipient
Weight loss
You have been selected

Of course, this is only a short list. As you can image, there are hundreds of key words that can trigger spam filters. You can easily check your spam score when you’re finished creating your message in the EasyEditor by clicking “Utilities” (next to the Save button) and click on “Spam Check” and we’ll check your content for you!

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