Getting started - Creating your campaign plain text content

Emails are sent as 'multi-part'. This means if a recipient is on a hand-held device such as a Blackberry or has blocked HTML, they will automatically be sent your plain text version.

plain-text-1.pngA plain text version of your email is important for a few reasons:

  • Contacts may want to receive plain text because they are not fully sighted, or their email client will not display HTML emails
  • Some spam filters will penalise emails for containing only an HTML part and no plain text alternative

You can type in your own plain text version, or have it automatically generated by clicking on the Generate plain text version button; this will replace the current plain text version with the text elements of your HTML campaign.

We recommend not to paste text directly from a word processor such as Word, since word has special coding and characters that may not translate correctly. Instead, paste the text into something like Notepad and then copy and paste the text into your plain text window.

Plain text emails can still include actions, links and personalization in your campaign but do not include dynamic content.

Once your plain text campaign is ready, click on the Save & Continue button to proceed to the testing section.

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