Working with text

When working inside a text block, the text toolbar will be shown at the top of the editor.


Editing text

The editor works as you'd expect a WYSIWYG editor to work. So, to change existing text, simply highlight it using your mouse and type.

To add text, place your cursor where you want and start typing!

Adding formatting

To add bullets to text, select the text and click on the Bullet point icon. You can also click on Numbering to create a numbered list.

Other formatting options such as bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, alignment and line height are also available from the ribbon.

For line height, you can choose 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 or you can set a custom height to apply.

Changing the font

To change the font, just select a new font from the fonts dropdown. You can also change the size of the font; the text here is currently Arial in black with a font size of 16pt.

Changing text colour

To change text colour, highlight the text and click on the text colour dropdown to display the colour palette and just click on the colour you want to use. Any colours already in use in the campaign/template will be shown.

Click on More colours to access the colour picker. From the colour picker, you can also save colours to My colours for fast access by clicking on Add to my colours. A maximum amount of 50 colours can be stored.

Remove colours from your My colours swatch by clicking on [Manage] in the colour picker,selecting the unwanted colour or colours from the 'Manage colours' window that appears, and then clicking Remove selected.This is useful when saved colours begin overly cluttering up your swatch.

Choosing and managing styles

Please note

'Styles' will be available in the text toolbar for templates taken from the 'Start from scratch' or 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' sections of the 'Free' templates library. It also applies to the same templates if they were selected prior to the release of 16three (released 12 October 2016). However, you'll need to add the correct HTML to the source code for the feature to work in any other templates. For more on the markup required, read Defining default font styles in your templates.

You can use the the 'Styles' picker to easily apply consistent font styles across a campaign.

You can also use the 'Styles' picker to change and manage button styles.

Changing a font style

To change a font style, click the text block that you wish to change and then click on Styles in the toolbar. The styles dropdown will appear displaying the campaign's styles.

Simply select the one you want from the list and this will be applied instantly to the text block you have selected.

Managing your styles

You can manage your styles by clicking on Manage my styles at the bottom right of the 'Styles' selector.

Note: You won't be able to manage styles if the campaign's styles have been locked down. If locked down, you will only be able to choose the styles as already set in the 'Styles' selector.

The 'Manage styles' side panel will slide in from the right, enabling you to click on the style you wish to edit. The 'Edit style' panel will then slide in for the selected style.

Here you can change the font, size, colour, alignment, line spacing, and so on.

Once happy with your changes, click Apply. All of the text for the edited style will then change across the whole of your campaign, and will update in the 'Styles' selector.

Good to know

If you change the default style of the campaign, and then subsequently change another style, and then decide to change the default style again, the changes made to any other styles will be maintained within your campaign and will not be overridden by the latest default style change.

Styles for buttons

You can also select styles for buttons, and manage them (again, only as long as your styles aren't locked down).

As with text, click on a button and then click on Styles to open the selector and select your button style. 

To manage your button styles, click on Manage my styles (which can be accessed either by clicking on a button or within a text block) and click on the button style that you wish to edit from the side panel. In the 'Edit style' panel you can do everything you can when editing a button (bar adding or changing the URL).

Once happy with your changes, click Apply. All of the buttons for the edited style will then change across the whole of your campaign, and will update in the 'Styles' selector.

After more information on buttons? Read Adding buttons to your campaign.
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