Working with text

When working inside a text element the Text ribbon will be shown at the top of the editor.


text-2.pngEditing text
Using the editor is very similar to using a standard word processing package. So, to change existing text, simply highlight it using your mouse and type.

To add text, place your cursor where you want and start typing!

Adding formatting
To add bullets to text, select the text and click on the Bullet List icon. You can also create a Numbered List.


Other formatting options such as Bold, Italics and Alignment are also available from the ribbon.


To change the font
To change the font, just select a new font from the drop-down list. You can also change the size of the font - the text here is currently Tahoma in black with a font size of 16px.


Changing text color
To change text color, highlight the text and click on the text color drop-down to display the color palette and just click on the color you want to use. Any colors already in use in the campaign/template will be shown, and you can also save colors to "my colors" for fast access.

Click on 'more colors' to access the color picker.


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