Changing colors


When it comes to changing colors in your campaign, EasyEditor provides you with two options:

  • Change the background colors of individual blocks or of the whole campaign
  • Color theme your entire campaign using our color theme tool; useful, for instance, if a new company logo has been designed with new colors and you need your campaign to match it quickly - and you're not a designer!

Changing background colors


You can change the background color of an EasyEditor block, or of the whole campaign. To do this, click on the block you want, go to the Styles tab and make sure you're in the Background section of the side panel.

The dropdown (shown in the image to the right, selected as 'Background (table)') allows you to choose which block you want to style. When you change the selection in the dropdown, the selected block in the editor will change. Alternatively, you can select the area within the campaign itself and the dropdown selection will change accordingly.

There are a number of ways a color can be selected.

You can enter HEX color codes, or select from the color picker, using the slider to adjust the brightness. You can also select from colors already used in your campaign (under Colors in this campaign), and from colors that you have saved for future use (under My colors).

A chosen color can be saved under My colors by clicking on Save color. A maximum amount of 50 colors can be stored.

Any background color changes you make to your campaign will take place as soon as you select the color. Remember that you can always click on the Undo button or use CTRL+z to revert a change.

If you want to change the color of multiple blocks in one go, you can check the Change all matching colors box. All blocks with the same background color as the block selected will also change.

If you want a block to have the same color as its background, rather than coloring them both in, make the inner one transparent by clicking on the transparency icon.


Removing colors from 'My colors'

Remove colors from your My colors swatch by clicking on [Manage]. 


The 'Manage colors' window will open and you can select the unwanted color or colors, followed by clicking on Remove selected. This is useful when saved colors begin overly cluttering up your swatch. 


Color theme your campaign

To color theme your entire campaign, select Color theme from the accordion menu.  

By default, it will be in 'auto' mode. This means you can pick a color from the color picker (or enter a HEX color code), start moving the brightness slider and immediately you'll see your entire campaign intelligently coordinate its color theme across the board.

This is a campaign before color theming has been applied:

This is the same campaign after a dark blue color theme has been applied:

However, you can click Manual to isolate colors that are used in the campaign by clicking on them below the color picker. You are then able to solely change the color and brightness of the areas that use that color.

Furthermore, the color theme tool is intelligent enough to realize that a font color needs to be changed appropriately so that text remains visible whilst you theme.

Saving colors and managing colors works in exactly the same way as with background colors.


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