Adding a link to a survey

You can insert a link into your campaign that will open a survey built with our in-application survey tool.

The option to add links appears on the ribbon whenever you are working on text or images. When adding links to text, first type the text into your email, then select that text before clicking the Link button and choose Link to a survey from the menu of the window that pops up.


If the option to link to a survey does not appear, then it might be because:

  • Your account does not have surveys enabled
  • Your account has surveys enabled, but you have no live surveys available

Select the survey you want to link to from the droplists that appear and choose how you want the link to be displayed in the email.

  • Color - choose what colour your links should be to make them stand out from the surrounding text; common practice is for links to be blue
  • Underline - choose whether or not your links are underlined
  • Text - the words that should be linked

The text preview shows how this link will appear in the campaign.

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