Can I compare reporting for multiple campaigns side by side?

To compare the performance of campaigns, you can create a performance comparison overview.

Creating a performance comparison overview

You can create it in the following two ways:

Option 1

  1. Go to Reporting > Campaign reports, and select the campaigns that you want to compare
  2. Click Compare campaigns from the More actions dropdown

Option 2

  1. Go to Reporting > Campaign reports, and click the name of a campaign that you want to compare
  2. In the 'Report actions' dropdown, click Compare campaigns
  3. In the 'Compare campaigns' window, click Select campaign, and select the campaigns you wish to compare
  4. Click Compare to generate the overview

Exporting a performance comparison overview

The performance comparison overview is displayed in a table, which displays the data for each campaign report. The green cells in the table mean that that campaign has the best results for that metric.

You can export this information into a CSV file by clicking on Export report in the bottom right corner of the page.


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