How do I use the Filter Report Function?

When you select a campaign from the Reporting, Send Campaigns screen, the default view of your report is to show the results for all emails sent:


filter-2.pngIf you have an Enterprise level account, you are able to filter the results of your report by using our filter option which is found in the top right of your screen above the conversion funnel.

When this option is selected, a pop-up window is displayed.

The default option is to filter by address book. From the dropdown select the address book you would like to filter by and click on APPLY FILTER. Note that this will filter based on the address books that the contact is currently in, not the address book that they were in at time of send.filter-3.png


The second option is to filter by Queries. From the dropdown select the Query you would like to filter by and click on APPLY FILTER.filter-4.png


The last option is to create a custom filter. Use the Add filter link to create your query by selecting custom data fields from your address books. For example, you may have emailed all contacts but wish to view only the results for males in the age group 20-35.filter-5.png


If you want to remove the filter once you have applied it you just need to click on the red X from the reporting screen.filter-6.png

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