How do I use the Filter Report Function?

If you want to see data for specific contacts in a report, click Filter: Showing all in the top-right of the page. This filter gives you the following four options:

  • Filter by address book
  • Filter by segment
  • Filter by split test variation
  • Filter by dynamic content variation



If you apply a filter to the campaign report overview, the following reports and metrics are not available:

  • Delivery report
  • ISP complaints
  • Unsubscribes

As well as these reports, you cannot apply a filter to the following additional reports:

  • Soft bounces
  • Hard bounces
  • Emails skipped
  • Google Analytics

Filtering contacts by address book

This option allows you to view data only for contacts who are in a specific address book. From the 'Select address book' dropdown, select an address book, then click Apply filter.

Note: This option filters contacts by the address books that they are currently in, not the address books that they were in at the time that the campaign was sent.

Filtering contacts by segment

This option allows you to filter by segments. Select a segment, then click Apply filter.

Filtering contacts by split test variation or by dynamic content variation

You have access to these options only if your campaign either contains dynamic content or is a split test.

Filtering contacts by split test variation

Select a split test variation from the list, then click Apply filter.

Filtering contacts by dynamic content variation

From the 'Choose dynamic content block' dropdown, select a dynamic content block and its variation, then click Apply filter

Removing a filter

To remove a filter, click on the red cross next to the filter option that you chose.


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