What is the "Unique Click Through" report?

This report displays the unique number of users who clicked links in your email.

Drilling down on this report will display all the email recipients who clicked a link in your email, the number of clicks and which links they clicked.

You can filter the list by using the Keyword drop-down to select a particular link name.


The first column shows the number of clicks alongside each email address.



 Clicking on the More details icon will display a window showing the date and time of each click and the link they clicked on.


Clicking on the Export drop down button will enable you to export the contacts list out to a CSV file or you can create an Address Book from these recipients.


To return to Reporting overview screen, use the back link. To view the drill down detail on other reports, use the More Reports button. This will display a drop down menu from which you can select the report type as shown below.



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