Can I filter the reporting view of sent campaigns?

You can change which campaigns display on your reporting view by filtering. Select Reporting from the main navigation and then select My Reports from the sub-menu that appears.

Click on the You are viewing link displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

The following pop-up is displayed:

You can use the radio buttons to select pre-defined periods or enter a custom date range by entering your own dates.

If you have Tagged your campaigns, you can also use the Filter by tag drop-down.

When ready, click on the APPLY button and the screen will be refreshed with those campaigns that meet the criteria selected.

Selecting Display options

You can also change the columns or the number of reports that appear in your view of Reports. Select Reporting from the main navigation and then select My Reports from the sub-menu that appears. Click on the DISPLAY button to view more options.


You can change the order the reports are displayed in by using the Sort By drop down. You can also change the number of reports you see on a page by using the Page Size drop down.

To change the visible columns, use the checkboxes to select or deselect as appropriate. When ready, click on the SUBMIT button.


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