How do I enable Google Analytics within my account?

To access Site analytics, select Campaigns from the left-hand navigation pane and then Advanced Features from the sub-menu that appears. Now select the Site analytics tab.


Adding tracking code to links
To enable Google friendly links, click the radio button and the correct query string is automatically generated to track your campaigns.


Now click on the SAVE button.

This will automatically add the following to your links:

utm_medium=email - noting that the medium by which someone arrived on the site was via email
utm_source=Your+company+name - noting that the name of the company referring the visitor to the site; this is the company name set in your My Account area
utm_campaign=CampaignID_Your+campaign+name - noting which campaign it was that referred the user to the site
utm_content=Your+link+name - noting which link in the campaign it was that got clicked
But now, as well as checking campaign reports, you need to open Google Analytics too, that’s not cool. Do you know what’s cool? Seeing your Google Analytics right in your email marketing application...

Viewing Google Analytics reports within the application
To allow us to pull your analytics data into the reports you'll need to authorize the connection to Google Analytics. On the site analytics tab click the Authorize Connection button. If you are logged into your Google account already, that's it; if not, you'll need to enter your username and password and you're done.




Now when you go to reporting, in the More reports menu you'll see a Google Analytics report. When you first open it we'll ask you which Google Analytics profile the campaign was for, we'll remember this for next time. But if you can always change it, this is handy for campaigns that may affect more than one of your profiles.

It's worth waiting at least 48 hours before checking your statistics because as well as waiting for users to receive your email, you may need to wait for Google Analytics to process any visit activity.

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