What does the Map of unique opens show?

With an Enterprise level account, the map of unique opens allows you to see where your prospects are opening your emails throughout the world. View hot-spots on a map, select map areas at the click of a mouse and instantly create data segments by geographical selections.

To access this tool, click on More Reports from within a campaign report and then select Map of unique opens.

The Map generates and is displayed on screen as shown below.


You can use the slider bar to zoom in on the map and you can move to a different area of the map by using the direction control. You can also move the map by holding down your left mouse button and dragging the map to the area you want.

To select a particular area of the map click on one of the selector shapes in the menu along the top and then draw the shape on the map. You can add multiple areas.


You can delete the shape by click on the red x. If you want to change the shape by adding more corner point you can click on the add more points button You can then drag the corners to your own shape.

You can also select the size of the shape by the width and height in miles.


Once you have selected your area you will see in the bottom right hand side of the screen the number of contacts contained in that area. You can create an address book from the contacts selected by clicking on Add these contacts to an address book.

Type in the name of the new address book in the popup.


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