Can I schedule reports to be emailed to me?

If you want to keep key colleagues in the loop about how your campaigns are performing, then you can schedule up to 25 email addresses to automatically receive up-to-date reports on either a daily basis or a weekly basis.

Scheduling emailed campaign reports 

To schedule these emails, select Reporting > Campaign reports from the navigation menu.

You'll be taken to the main campaign reporting screen, which lists all sent campaigns for the last 30 days (this time period is a default setting and can be changed by clicking on Date range:).

Click on Manage my email updates, located in the top right of the screen.


When clicked, the 'Email updates' panel slides in.


Enter up to 25 email addresses of colleagues that you'd like the campaign summary report to be sent to.

You can specify the frequency with which the report is sent (daily or weekly), at what time of day the report is sent, and you can specify a time period for included campaigns (up to a maximum of the last month).

Finally, just make sure that email updates are enabled at the top of the panel, before clicking Save.

Your campaign summary reports will now be emailed as scheduled to the email addresses you've stipulated.

You can remove, edit and add email addresses at any time.

To stop sending report updates, toggle 'Email updates enabled' to Off.

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