What is the "Soft Bounces" report?

This report shows the number of temporarily undeliverable email addresses.

There are a number of reasons why an email will soft bounce but generally this is because of Server issues or mailbox full replies. How many times an email is allowed to bounce before being unsubscribed is on the Bounce Thresholds tab set under Contacts > Suppressed Contacts.

Drilling down on this report will display all the email addresses which have soft bounced.


You can filter the list to exclude either Soft bounces or Mail Blocked.


Clicking on the DISPLAY button will show a drop down. You can change the order the emails are displayed in by using the Sort By drop down. You can also change the number of emails you see on a page by using the Page Size drop down.


Clicking on the Export Drop down allows you to either export the Soft bouncers as CSV or create a new address book from them.


To return to Reporting overview screen, use the More Reports drop down and select Campaign overview. The More Reports drop down will display a menu with other report types as shown below.


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