How do I upload a document?

Within the system, you can insert links into your template that navigate to documents such as PDFs, Word and Excel files, Powerpoint Presentations etc. File types supported included .pdf .doc .docx .ppt .pptx .swf .vcs .mp3 .xls and .xlsx .

To link to documents, you first have to upload them to the document manager. Open your template in the editor, select the image or text area where you wish to insert the link.

Click on the link manager icon located on the toolbar and select the Link to a document option.



To upload a file, click on the Show document manager link.

This will present you with a method to browse your desktop, choose a file, and enter a name for the file in the Name box. When ready, click on the green UPLOAD button. The file will now appear in your library list.


To select a file to insert, click on the file name in the library.

When ready, click on the INSERT button and the link is added to your template.

When clicked, the associated document will open and the click will be recorded in the reporting area of the campaign.

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