How do I create an API key?

Important: API keys can only be created by the account owner.

To create an API key, click on the My Account option located on the top menu bar.

Using the navigation menu, select the option Manage Users.


The screen displayed will show the Standard tab by default, which is a list of other users who have access to your account.


Click on the second tab labeled API


Click on the ADD USER button to display the Add User screen.

In the Add User screen, you will see a form. The API key is generated in the email address field. Enter in a description and password. The description is an internal way to reference the API, and the password must be at least 8 characters in length contain at least 1 digit or non alphanumeric character. The checkbox next to Enabled must be checked in order for the API key to be active.

Hit Save and you will be brought back to the API user screen. You should now see the API you created in the list.


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