Resubscribing a contact to a campaign after they have been unsubscribed

If a contact has unsubscribed from your email campaigns, they will be added to your suppression list.

A user can resubscribe if you are using a signup form on your website that was generated in Signup forms, under the Contacts section of the application.

What happens when someone uses the signup form?

Typically when someone uses your signup form, they will be shown a thank you message or taken to a thank you page. Then one of four things can happen:

  • The user is subscribed using the standard process and will start receiving your campaigns
  • If you have enabled it, a double opt-in process is triggered
  • If the contact is on a suppression list and can be removed from it, the resubscribe process will be triggered (see below)
  • If the contact is on a suppression list but cannot be removed from it (see below), a notification will ask them to contact you

How does the resubscribe process work?

    1. Once a contact has submitted the signup form, they will be shown a message stating when they were unsubscribed and why (whether it was at their request or because their email account bounced a previous message). This message will indicate that they have been sent an email to confirm they do wish to sign up.
    2. An email will be sent to the address entered in the signup form asking them to confirm that they want to sign up. This email will contain two links: one link for the user to click to get to the confirmation page, and one link to report that it was not them that made the request and to report abuse.
    3. The confirmation page contains a button to complete the resubscribe process. On pressing this button the user will be added to whichever address books were requested in their original signup. (The report abuse page contains a button to complete the abuse report process. On pressing this button, an alert will be sent to our team who will let you know if further action is required.)

What if a contact asks me to resubscribe them?

If a contact asks you to resubscribe them, we recommend that you go to your own signup form and enter their email address for them. You should explain to the user that they will receive an email and that they will need to click the link and button to complete the process.

Why can't some contacts be resubscribed?

A contact may be unable to resubscribe for one of several reasons:

  • They are on the Global Suppression List
  • You have suppressed their domain from receiving your campaigns
  • They were removed because of a complaint from their ISP
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