Edit Address Book Settings & Suppress contacts

Address book properties allow you to edit the address book. This features two tabs, Settings & Suppressions.


The settings tab allows you to edit the following:

  • Address book name - Edit the name of the address book
  • Folder - Group address books in folders
  • Description - Brief description of address book
  • Visibility (Public vs Private) - Address book visibility for preference center
  • Set a Join Action - Set triggered email for when a contact joins the address book
  • Set an Unsubscribe Action - Set triggered email for when a contact leaves the address book
  • Join notification - Set notification of new subscriber
  • Daily Summary - Daily digest of new subscribers


The suppressions tab allows you to suppress certain contacts from being added to this address book. You can add suppressed contacts manually (one at a time) or by uploading a list (.xls or .cvs).

To do this:

  1. Click on the suppressions tab
  2. Click green button labeled: "+ New contact suppression"
  3. Choose from the following
    a. Manually tab to manually type in suppressed contacts (one per line), or
    b. File removal to import a list (.xls or .csv)
    1. Click on choose a file and find the file of suppressed contacts
    2. Enter email address to notify when upload is complete
    3. Click upload and you will be prompted with a confirmation. Click 'Yes, remove these contacts'

    4. Map the fields as you normally would when uploading a regular list
    5. Confirm upload.

The contacts uploaded will now be suppressed and will not be allowed to be added to this address book.

To remove a contact from an address book suppression, simply check off the email, click More Actions > Remove from suppression.


You will be asked to confirm that you want to remove from suppression.


Once confirmed, the contact will no longer be suppressed from the address book.

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