Creating Seed Lists


You can create a seed list of email addresses in your account. All campaign sends of 2000 or more will automatically also get sent to this seed list (not triggered campaigns, transactional email, etc.). It's a good idea to employ a seed list as it will enable anyone on it to monitor sending activity from your account. 

Please note:

  • The seed list has a limit of 25 email addresses
  • Seed list sends don't count towards your send allowance, nor will they feature in any reporting

Steps to create a seed list

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Advanced features > Seed list.
  2. In the box next to 'Emails', enter the email addresses you'd like to add to your seed list. Only enter one email per line.

  3.  When happy, click Update. The email address or addresses will be added.

Similarly, if you want to remove an email address from the seed list, delete it from the box and then click Update.

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