4 December 2013 upgrades and revisions

SSL support for Yahoo Mail

With Yahoo Mail finally set to use default SSL encryption for its webmail interface as of January 8th, we've changed our code in order to support this. It now behaves as it already does for Gmail and Hotmail. Contacts with a Yahoo email address will be served images over SSL, ensuring they continue to work as we head into the New Year.

More refinements to social sharing and social links in EasyEditor (but you'll need to switch it on)!

We've made some significant refinements to the social sharing and upcoming social links features in EasyEditor. At this stage they're still experimental, so you'll need to switch them on via My Account by checking Enable drag and drop social links (experimental) under the Features section.

We've enhanced the overall look and usability, which includes improving the social links dialogue window to help make linking to social profiles that little bit easier.

Other changes

We've also upgraded several other features:

  • We’ve significantly optimized performance when updating or generating extremely large segments
  • We’ve fixed a bug to correct the rendering of the campaign comparison report in IE9 and IE10
  • We’ve optimized the performance of contact exporting
  • Cancelled campaigns now display Cancelled in the Date sent field of the main reporting page
  • We’ve optimized test send validation notifications
  • Contact data fields that are used in active reporting segmentation queries can now be deleted
  • We’ve fixed a bug that was preventing the resetting of a contact data field's default value if was a date or a number
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