8th January 2014 Upgrades

January 8, 2014 scheduled maintenance includes the following upgrades and changes:

  • Newly formatted Help section.
  • Easy campaign linking to your own social network profiles, plus other social tools improvements. We've enhanced the overall design and usability of our drag and drop social tools, including a switch to a tool menu in the side panel as well as cleaner, clearer methods, plus the introduction of a brand new Social Links building block.


    The new Social Links building block allows you to easily add direct links to your social network sites within a campaign. Simply drag and drop the building block into the desired location in your template, click within the block to edit and then check your social networks of choice, adding in the URL to your profile.


    Click Apply and the icon link is added to your campaign. All that's left to do is to change the way this displays, should you wish to, by manipulating it using the new Settings side panel.
  • New navigation header and menu designs. We've now turned on our new, redesigned menus for everyone. We hope this will make it easier to find your way around all of our tools.

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