April 29, 2015 Upgrade - Enhanced reporting

The highlights of OpenMoves scheduled maintenance and upgrade for April 29, 2015 are as follows:

Enhanced reporting

We're delighted to release our new account reporting functionality. Click on Reporting in the navigation bar to access the account reports overview, which provides you with an account-wide visual representation of how your campaigns are performing, aggregating all of your account data.

Features include:

  • Ability to filter on campaign tags
  • Comparison statistics and graphs
  • Drill downs on statistics
  • Ability to compare key metrics against each other
  • Toggling between line and bar graphs
  • Ability to add a secondary vertical axis to graphs, for more meaningful visual representations

To learn more, read Getting started - Reading the account reports.

Transactional email

Our transactional email function enables you to send your administrative and operational-based email (in short, your non-bulk email) to contacts via creation of a separate transactional API user, allowing you to then manage and track your transactional email using the platform. 

Please note - this feature needs to be enabled by your account manager.

Updated Dynamics connector

We’ve added the ability for you to access OM3 through the automation studio via single sign-on, view surveys and forms responses, see WebInsight data, access social profiles, and add contacts and leads to programs, all from right inside the CRM. Plus you’ll be able to view all the engagements made by contacts via the engagement timeline.

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