Upgrade September 30, 2015 - Change to OpenMoves URLs

OpenMoves' scheduled maintenance and upgrade for September 30th, 2015 includes:

  • A change to OpenMoves URLs as part of our drive towards an overall more global and scalable solution.

    You'll notice www.openmovesmailer.com has now been replaced with r1-www.openmovesmailer.com. A redirect happens automatically upon login and www.openmovesmailer.com continues to work if you type it into your browser. So, you can log in as you always have, and any of your existing bookmarks will continue to work. You'll just see r1-www.openmovesmailer.com, after log in, on your browser rather than www.openmovesmailer.com.

    Other URLs - such as those used for images and campaign RSS feeds - may also have 'r1' added to them.

    Custom from addresses (aka custom domains) aren't affected though. Neither is the API, at this stage.

    As mentioned, this change is part of our continuing work to ensure OpenMoves smoothly supports all of our customers growing needs and requirements. 

    Should you encounter a problem in connection to this, however, please contact support@openmoves.com.

  • Plus over 20 bugs have been fixed, including optimization of the surveys and forms tool preview process, improved reliability of surveys and forms pop-overs, plus an issue affecting the function to hide blocks on mobile devices in drag & drop editor has been resolved.
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