Upgrade April 27th 2016 - Change to the 'Settings' menu

OpenMoves' scheduled maintenance and upgrade for April 27th 2016 includes the following changes:

  • We’ve revamped the ‘Settings’ menu. You’ll now notice a person icon with a cog in the top right corner, whereas previously it used to say 'Hi [your name]!'.
    Mouse over the icon and you’ll see this, with the name and organization you're logged in as given at the top:


  • Removal of 'Estimated forwards' from reporting:

    ‘Estimated forwards’ was just that – an estimate. Or, as time progressed, more of a guesstimate. And as metrics go, that’s not the best type.

    It was first created way back in 1999. Think about it: that’s not even in the 21st century! Back then though, the way we calculated an estimated forward made a lot of sense: check if the IP address or device the recipient opened the email on is different to their first open, and, if they differ, then count it as an estimated forward.

    However, this is the year 2016. And whilst people may not quite be wearing silver suits and holidaying on Mars, they almost certainly no longer have just one device like they did back then (and that was probably just a computer). Nor do they check their email just once or twice a day as they did then.

    Now, people are more than likely to have multiple devices and this means within a matter of minutes a single recipient could open the same email on their laptop, mobile, tablet and watch! Currently this reports as one original open and three estimated forwards, which is inaccurate and misleading.

    In short, the ‘estimated forwards’ reporting statistic and the method by which we arrive at it has been outgrown. That is why it’s going.

  • Plus we've fixed almost 20 bugs
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