June 8th 2016 - Maintenance & Upgrade

OpenMoves' scheduled maintenance and upgrade for June 8th 2016 includes the following changes:

We're delighted to say you can now access our next generation, industry-leading mobile support for emails, with extensive upgrades made to EasyEditor and its markup.

  • Campaigns look optimized and consistent across all devices, plus work on small screens like never before
  • New 'Button' building block for easy button creation (auto-matching the ones already in a campaign)
  • CSS inlining
  • Seven new responsive-optimized templates in the 'Free templates' section, plus 'Start from scratch' templates have been responsive-optimized
  • Multiple column support
  • Full-width image support
  • High DPI support for Outlook

Other improvements

  • A lot of work has gone on 'under the hood' to optimize the general speed and performance of the platform as a whole, including faster sending speeds (which we trialed a couple of weeks ago) 
  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented 
  • And almost 40 bug fixes
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