Designing your survey - configuring the submit, save and paging buttons

By default all surveys and forms have one button:

  • Submit — to mark the survey as complete

Surveys with multiple pages will also have Next and Back buttons to move between pages.

You have the option to add a Save button for longer surveys, allowing respondents to save their answers and come back to them later.

Our Button settings tab allow the text and behaior of these buttons to be changed so you can:

  • Change the text completely (to suit your wording preference, for instance if you wanted Back to be Previous)
  • Change the alignment of the buttons within the page
  • Add the Save button (particularly useful when using the survey as a long or multi-page webform)


button_settings.png To configure these buttons:

  • Start editing your survey
  • Click on the row of buttons at the bottom of the survey (this will open the button settings menu in the left hand panel)


Survey buttons can be aligned:

  • Standard — with the Back button aligned to the left and Next, Save, and Submit buttons aligned to the right
  • Left — with all buttons aligned to the left
  • Center — with all buttons aligned to the center of the page
  • Right — with all buttons aligned to the right of the page

Button text and Save button

The text on all four buttons can be edited. To edit the text of the Back and Next buttons, your survey must have two or more pages.

To display the Save button and edit the text, the Display a Save button option should be checked. This will add a Save button to every page of your survey and the field to edit the button text will become available.

Unchecking this option will remove the Save button from the survey once more.

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