Designing your survey - configuring layout elements

Titles, subtitles and section headings

Choose the title format you wish to use from the left-hand palette - either Title, Subtitle or Section title - and click on the Type title here instruction to add your title.


Drag and drop the paragraph item to give you the ability to add text to your survey. Click on the Type paragraph here instruction to enter your text.


Drag and drop the image element to give you the ability to add an image to your survey, should you wish. Once dropped into position, click on the Upload an image instruction to select an image from your computer to upload.

Once this is done you can configure it by aligning the image left, right or center, as well as being able to enter alt text (good for those who can't see the image) and give the link a URL (which will open in a new browser window).


Choose either of these as a formatting tool for your survey.

Select and drag the element you wish to use into the desired container within your template. Each possible container is clearly differentiated, with Drop your item here written in each one. When you drag your element over the area you wish to use, the receiving area will highlight in pink so you can be sure as to where you are dropping it.

Once you have completed designing your survey, click on Save & continue in the top far right of the main toolbar to move to schedule and share your survey.

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