Mapping survey responses to your address books

Add new contacts or enrich the data held on your existing contacts using the survey and forms tool's mapping feature.

Step 1 - Enable mapping

Ensure you are creating or editing a survey. Drag in an Email address field and check Enable data field mapping in the Configure menu.

These fields are special in that you can only have one per survey. We use them to create a new contact or update an existing contact in an address book with the respondent’s answers. When data mapping is enabled on this type of field, the data mapping icon 2013-10-28_14_57_18-Edit_-_Survey__0_Cache_Hits____1ms___-_dotMailer.png will be shown:

Step 2 – Choose an address book

Next, choose or create an address book for respondents' details to be added to. Additionally, you may want to copy existing contacts to the nominated address book too, which will make following up easier.

Step 3 – Map questions to data fields

Now, when you add a new or select an existing text box, dropdown, multiple choice, date and time question or hidden value element, additional settings will be shown. These allow you to map answers to contact data fields in your account.

You can select an existing data field from your address book or create a new one. Data field value types can be either text, numeric, date or yes/no. Make sure you select the right type for the data you are collecting. If you are sending the survey to existing contacts, you have the option of hiding the question or allowing the user to overwrite the data held on them.

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