Sharing your survey


Once you have built and activated your survey, you are now ready to share it.

You can do this in a number of ways: either by using a link which you can share via email or social media networks, by embedding the code for your survey on your website, or by generating code to enable you to display your survey as a pop-over on your website.

Either way, we will generate the necessary URL or embed code, just by the click of a button. We will also host your survey and generate your stats for reporting. Click on the Share button to choose how to distribute your survey.

Sharing your link via email or social networks

Your first option is to generate a link to share via email or social networks; click the Get link button.

Click Copy to copy your generated URL to enable you to paste it into a document or email. Alternatively, click on Email to generate emails to distribute your survey directly from the tool.

Enter the email addresses you wish to send your survey to, one per line. You are limited to a maximum of 50 email addresses and these sends will be taken from your send allowance. If you wish to send to more than 50 emails though, then you can use the email functionality of the application, just as we'd expect you to for large sends.

Click on Continue to personalize your emails. Insert your subject heading, message (both mandatory; a default is in place for both) and friendly from name (optional; this is the 'from' name that will appear in your recipients' inboxes).

Click on Send to distribute your survey via email.

Sharing your link on your website

Click on the Get embed code button.

You will then be provided with the code to embed on your website. Select Copy and paste it into the HTML where you'd like your survey to be displayed on your site. We will host your survey, and we will analyse and display the results within your account.

Sharing your link as a pop-over

To share your survey as a pop-over on your site, click the Get pop-over code button.

You will then be provided with the code to use to create the pop-over. Select Copy and paste it into your HTML just before the closing body tag of the page you want to display it on. The survey will appear as a pop-over, and all the responses will be available in the reporting as normal.

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