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Getting started with CopyKat
What to do if something goes wrong
What if the page doesn't look as expected?
Applying an existing CopyKat surround to a survey
Viewing, editing and deleting saved CopyKat surrounds


CopyKat is a great way of including a survey within your website without needing any code or having to involve your web design team. CopyKat creates a copy of your webpage and allows you to edit its layout to place your survey within it without affecting your actual website. This new page and your survey are hosted on our servers and we'll give you a unique link to access it.

Getting started with CopyKat

Step 1

Either click CopyKat from the surveys and forms navigation bar


or select Style tab in the editor (and within this section, you would then need to select Get started with CopyKat to move onto step 2 as set out next).


Step 2

Enter the URL of the page you want to copy. Be sure to tick the checkbox to confirm you own the site and have permission to copy the page, and then click Create surround.


Step 3

Your webpage will now be displayed in the CopyKat editor.

From the toolbar running along the top of the CopyKat editor, click on Remove page elements to be able to select items on the page to remove.


When an item is selected, you will be given the choice to either collapse or clear the contents in order to make way for your survey.


Collapse will remove the item highlighted, including the table, which will alter the structure and may affect the layout of the page.

Clear will remove the content in the highlighted box but not the table, which won't affect the layout of the page, so there's still room to insert your survey.

If there is a large section of your page that you'd like to remove, you can do this quickly by dragging and selecting multiple elements at once.

If you happen to make a mistake and remove an item that you didn't mean to, you can always hit Undo on the CopyKat toolbar. You can also use Redo if you've undone a change but want to keep it after all. 


Step 4

When you are ready to insert your survey, click Insert survey placeholder (located on the far left of the toolbar) to choose where your survey will be displayed.


Simply click in the area you want to place it and a placeholder will confirm 'Your survey will go here'.


When you are ready you can click Save & continue.

Step 5

If you are in the process of creating a survey, your CopyKat surround will then be applied to your survey, and you are given the choice to preview it.


If you are creating a CopyKat surround separately from your survey, you can then choose to create a new survey to use it with or add the surround to an existing survey. Alternatively you are given the choice to view your other CopyKat surrounds should you wish to.


Step 6

You can preview your survey and your CopyKat surround together by clicking the Preview button in the main editor.

What to do if something goes wrong

If something doesn't work or you receive an error message, there are a couple of things you can do. Firstly, try again in Safe Mode, which will disable JavaScript on your page. This may mean your webpage won't function as expected, however it should fix a majority of issues. If you are still experiencing problems, use Report a problem to let us know. 


Clicking on this will produce the following window:


What if the page doesn't look as expected?

CopyKat does its best to copy your website perfectly but sometimes it doesn't understand all of the code used on every website. If this happens and the page you've imported doesn't look as expected, click on Report a problem and let us know.

Applying an existing CopyKat surround to a survey

When you are creating or editing a survey, you can apply an existing CopyKat surround from the Style tab. Simply select from the available surrounds in the Select a surround dropdown and click Apply


A message will appear to indicate the surround has been applied and clicking Preview will allow you to see your survey within the surround.

To no longer apply a surround to a survey, select None from the dropdown and click Apply. A message will appear to confirm the surround has been removed.

Viewing, editing and deleting saved CopyKat surrounds

Your saved surrounds are listed at the foot of the CopyKat page. From here you can rename, edit or delete them. If you haven't inserted a survey placeholder, the surround will be highlighted in red, indicating that it can't be used yet until a placeholder is inserted.


To expand the list to include all of your surrounds, click on View all surrounds.

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