Survey reporting

Under your My surveys tab, in the expanded survey view, you are shown a snap shot of Completed surveys in the last 7 days. If you hover over each plotted date, the date and number of responses will appear. To access more comprehensive reporting click on the Reports icon in the top right (if you do not have any completed surveys available then the icon will be greyed out).

Here you are navigated into the Survey report. Along the top right of the toolbar you have the facility to export all of the survey data as a CSV file - to use in Microsoft Excel, for example. Click on Export CSV to do this. On the far right details of the start, end, and duration or your survey are displayed.

Overview tab

This provides you with an overview of your survey statistics.

Responses over time

This graph displays the number of responses on a daily basis, or hourly should your survey have only started within the last 24 hours:



This provides a breakdown of the responses received:

  • Completed: Survey completed, start to finish.
  • Incomplete: Survey started but not finished.
  • Bounces: Survey clicked on but not started.

This reports where the respondents who completed your survey came from.

Time to complete

This provides some details on how long it took respondents to complete your survey.

Data mapping

For surveys that are data-mapped, you'll also get a Data mapping section. This shows how many new contacts have been created as a result of the survey, how many have been updated, and how many couldn't be mapped and why. The unmapped responses can be downloaded by clicking the Export unmapped responses link.

Responses Tab

Here you can sort your individual survey responses into your chosen view.

Click on the Choose columns link in the top right of the page to select the response headings you wish to view (you are able view a maximum of 5 headings). Click on the questions to select which you wish to include in your view; as you click they will move between the active and inactive areas. Click Apply once you have completed your selection.

Once you have made your selection, you can choose how many responses to view per page, page through your responses, identify the number of the response by clicking on the magnifying icon (which will provide you with the complete survey response), or delete the response.

Charts tab

The Charts tab provides you with both a pictorial image of your data and the capability to transfer these charts into a report. You can then either display this in your browser or download into PDF format.

The type of chart used for your question will be displayed by the icon at the beginning of the list. This will be: a table for a text box, date and time, or hidden value answer; a pie chart for a dropdown, multiple choice or Likert scale answers; and a bar graph for checkboxes.

Click on each individual question to reveal the table or chart. Click again to hide.

Creating your report

Click on the Add to report checkbox on the far right of the question bar to include a table or chart in a report. Once you have chosen all of the required reports, click on Preview report at the bottom right of the screen. A preview will be displayed.

Now you can add your logo, rename your report, and add some descriptive text. Once you are happy with how your reports looks, you then have the choice to either download your completed report into PDF format by clicking on the download button or print your report out.

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