Handling survey responses


Survey responses can be handled in two ways: you can proactively map them to your contacts when building a survey (this is known as data mapping, and is explained in detail at Mapping survey responses to your address books), or you can export them to a CSV or address book from the Reporting area once your survey is finished. This article guides you through the latter option.

Exporting responses

You can export your responses to a survey in the Reports section. When viewing a report, you can use the Actions drop-down located at the top of the page to download all the responses as a CSV file.

CSV files can be opened in any text editor (such as Notepad on Windows PCs), but they can also be opened using most spreadsheet programs (such as Microsoft Excel).

See also the Survey reporting guide.

Adding responses to an address book If your survey contains at least one email address element, you can add the email addresses you've collected to an address book. In the Reporting section, go to Actions > Add to address book.

You can pick one of your existing address books, or create a new one. If your survey contained more than one email address element, you can pick the ones you want to add to your address book.

How to add responses to address books even if they weren't mapped or the survey didn't include an email address element

If your survey wasn't data mapped, or it didn't include an email address element, you can still add your responses to an address book:

  1. Export your responses to CSV, as described above
  2. Go to Email and import the CSV into a new or existing address book. This is explained in more detail over at How do I import contacts into an address book?
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