Getting Started with the Program Builder


The program builder features nodes - campaigns, delays, decisions and end points - linked with connectors, enabling you to create marketing workflows. Your contacts will make their way through your program based on the rules you've specified.


Building a program


A new program always begins with a start node. Additional nodes can be dragged in from the side panel onto the canvas.

A valid program needs to include:

  • A start node
  • At least one campaign node
  • An end node

It may also contain:

  • Delays
  • Decisions
  • Node settings

Clicking a node will show its settings in a side panel to the right. Each type of node has its own settings.


Connecting nodes

To link nodes together, drag the connector dangling from one node onto another. Arrows will show the flow of a program from start to end points. A connector can be deleted by hovering over it and clicking the red delete icon.

Creating branches

By using decision nodes you can create branches in programs and merge those branches back together.



As you build your program you may notice the yellow box in the Validation control updating.

This is where you can keep track of actions that need to be done before your program is complete. You can save an invalid program but you will not to be able to activate it until all issues are resolved.


Clicking on a validation error will highlight the corresponding node in your program that requires attention.

Saving and activating


You can save your program and come back to it at any time.

Once you have completed the program and are ready to have it start enrolling contacts and sending emails, click the Activate button at the top of the program builder. Your program will need to have no validation errors, and you will be prompted to save your program if you have not already done so.

Once your program has been activated and started enrolling contacts, editing options will become more limited.


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