How can I set a campaign as a "Triggered Campaign"?

Triggers can be used in a variety of ways, for example when a contact joins an address book you can send a campaign to thank them for signing up. Alternatively, if a contact unsubscribes from an address book, you can trigger a campaign to be sent to them to try and get some feedback on why they are unsubscribing.

You can also trigger campaigns based on a date field in your address book (such as your customer's birthday).

Or perhaps you wish to trigger a campaign based on an event such as a contact clicking a link in your current email.

Regardless of how you wish to use your triggers, the campaign which is sent must be set as a Triggered Campaign.

Setting your Campaign as Triggered

Set your campaign as Triggered when you first create the campaign or by going back to the campaign settings screen (Step 1). Click on Campaign Settings in the top right hand corner of the screen when creating/editing the campaign. set_campaign_as_triggered.png

Set the switch from Standard to Triggered, click close and then click Save or Save & Continue.

Your campaign type is now set and you will not be able to send it in the same way as a normal campaign.

It is important to note that campaigns set as triggered will not be displayed on your list of campaigns under the Campaigns option. Instead, all campaigns set with a type of Triggered are displayed under the Automation menu option.

If you have already created a standard campaign that you now wish to set as a triggered campaign, edit the campaign and click on Step 1 located in the top right of the screen. From here you can switch the type to Triggered by clicking on Campaign Settings.

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