Activating and deactivating automated programs

Activating a program

As you build a program, it is in a draft state. Once you are completely happy with your program, click Save first and then Activate. This will turn your program on and put it into an active state.


Note that a program can no longer be edited once activated. You will be asked to confirm the activation.


If you have any outstanding validation errors, you will be reminded of these at this point and will not be able to activate your program until they are resolved.

Upon clicking Activate, your program will begin running. Although you will no longer be able to edit it, you will be still be able to view it by clicking on the edit icon from the My programs screen.

An active program will show in the bar at the top that it is active, that it will enrol new contacts and that it will send emails.


Deactivating a program

To deactivate a program click on the settings cog in the program status bar.


If the program has ever enrolled any contacts it will change to a Deactivated state. If it has never enrolled any contacts, it will revert to a Draft state.

Reactivating a program

To reactivate a program, click on the Reactivate button in the header. The program will need to be saved and have no validation errors.


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