Triggering a campaign when a contact joins/unsubscribes an address book


You can set up triggered campaigns to automatically send to contacts based upon various actions; in this case when they join or unsubscribe from an address book. This allows you to send a welcome email or sorry to see you go email to them, which makes a great impression and allows you to engage with your subscriber instantly.

Setting up a join/unsubscribe action trigger

Create your address book in the normal manner, giving it a unique name and entering a description or use an existing address book.

Once your address book has been created, go to your Contacts list and click on the Properties iconproperties_icon5.png alongside the address book to edit its settings.


'Join action' enables you to select a triggered campaign to be sent automatically whenever a new contact joins this address book. Note that this will only apply to single joins, for example via a signup form or preference centre. It won't apply for bulk subscriptions, such as a contact import.

Click on the 'Join action' dropdown list. A scrollable list will appear of all of the triggered campaigns that you’ve created in your account. This list is also searchable.

Alternatively, click on the Explore button to open the side panel and search for a triggered campaign within your folders; you can also view your triggered campaigns via this option before selecting them.


Whichever method you use, simply select the appropriate campaign for someone joining the address book; this could be a triggered campaign you’ve created called ‘Welcome!’, for example.

Once selected, click Save. This will ensure this campaign is automatically sent to every contact when they join the address book.

Before using this function, you must have already set up the appropriate campaigns under  'triggered' campaigns otherwise no campaigns will be listed.

The same can be done with unsubscribe action.

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