Using quantity splits in programs


The Quantity split node is used to create a split of contacts in your marketing automation program based on a specified number reaching the node first. The first X contacts to reach the node go down one route and the rest go down another route. This is useful if you're running a competition in your program, for instance, or only have a certain number of places available for an event or conference and have to run it on a first-come, first-served basis.


Configuring a quantity split in a program

Drag and drop a quantity split node from the side panel onto the canvas, making sure it attaches to a previous node. Click on the node to set the chances of contacts going down each program branch. A panel will slide in from the right side of the screen:


To set the amount of contacts, you can either do this using the increment and decrement buttons, or type the number directly into the field.

Click Apply when you're happy with the number.

The 'Quantity split' node will be set.

Next you need to ensure both branch connectors are attached to the subsequent nodes you want your contacts to progress on to.

In our simple example (above), the first 1000 contacts passing through the random split node will go down the route that receive a special discount voucher code. All other contacts will be sent down the other route, in which they don't receive a voucher code, and the program continues as normal.

Note: If more than the set amount of contacts were to hit the node at the same time, then the winning amount of contacts would be taken at random.



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