Introduction to OM3 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

There are different versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We offer our connector for versions 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016. These articles are intended to cover the functionality in all of them. However, please be aware that the 2011 version of our connector doesn't feature:
  • the engagement timeline
  • the ability to add contacts and leads to programs
  • the ability to access the Automation Studio


The purpose of these articles is to provide help with sending and analysing email campaigns using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector for OM3. These articles will explain the content of the Email Campaign screens in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and show you how to process your email campaign. Email campaigns are always created within OM3 then synchronised to Microsoft Dynamics CRM before sending.

Throughout the life of the email campaign, further synchronisation between OM3 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM will take place to ensure the response and statistical data collected by OM3 is able to be viewed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

This synchronisation process takes place automatically at timed intervals pre-determined by the Email Campaign Manager but it is possible to manually synchronise on an ad-hoc basis. You may be working on an email campaign and wish to retrieve the latest statistics immediately without waiting for the next automatic synchronisation.

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