Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Contact and lead options

Additional options are available on Lead/Contact record, and these allow adding the email address to an email marketing automation program plus the ability to view any email engagements on a timeline view.

Automation Programs

This option available from Contact and Lead records allows the contacts to be directly added to an existing automated OpenMoves email program. This includes all the associated data from any mapped field. The OpenMoves record can be updated directly from the standard page without Email Address book synchronisation. If the contact has yet to be synchronised it will be added to the All Contacts.

Each Program has to be enabled in Email Settings to allow the contact/lead to be added directly.

The list in the left hand panel will show active and inactive programs, only active ones can be selected. When all the required programs have been selected, click “Add”. This will start the process, when it has completed the Automations Program window will disappear and the current Contact/Lead record will be displayed.

If no programs are available the following screen is shown.

Engagement Timeline

This will display a graphical representation of interactions of the Contact. The summary panel shows Name, email address and outline statistics, the lower left panel the Last and First interactions. The main timeline panel will display the selected behavioural data, details can also be selected.

The Emails option allows just the Email send and Open information to be displayed. The view starts in the basic manner, and the details can be expanded as shown.

Example of Click data in the details view.

Example of Page Visits (and WebInsight) in the details view.

Example of a Form in the details view.

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