Using the 'Email hotspot' feature in reporting

The 'Email hotspot' report displays your campaign with an overlay which serves to highlight how many times the links in your campaign were clicked.

The report is a useful visual reference, allowing you to quickly gauge where the hotspots lie in your campaign and it's a good way to evaluate your link placement within it.

Using the report

This feature is located at the top right of the 'Reporting' overview screen for a campaign, just above the conversion funnel.


Click it to open the email hotspot window and display your email.

There are tabs so you can view both the HTML and plain text versions of your campaign, so you can see how each version performed.

All the links are highlighted with an information box displaying how many times that link was clicked, along with the click-through rate.


When you mouse over a particular link, a further box appears with additional information about how many unique clicks there have been.


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