Upgrade February 14, 2017

Here are some latest updates and changes to OpenMoves:

New Reporting As of February 14, campaign reports have a new appearance. All the same information is still available. The report is broken down into several sections with a preview at the top followed by a few summary statements.

There is an At A Glance section with important statistics and a visual bar graph for each. Below, are the core areas of the report divided into groups: Engagement (opens) and Interaction (Clicks). Click on the More Reports dropdown on the top right to see the contacts that opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed, etc.


Improvements to test send selections

We've improved the test send process. The old contact selection modal has gone and has been replaced with a much friendlier side panel, consistent with recent redesigns in the app, which includes extra abilities to:

  • Search by email address or name
  • Select the split test version of a campaign you want to test send

What's more, pre-selected addresses from previous test sends are now easier to see and send in the side panel.


Increase to soft bounces limit

We've increased the maximum number of soft bounces allowed before suppression from 5 to 20 (as can be changed in Contacts > Suppressed contacts > Bounce settings). The default limit for new accounts is now 20, and we’ve increased existing accounts which were set at 4 or 5 to 20.

Recently we've seen a number of large email receivers recently going through extended periods of soft bouncing email. Often this isn't yours or OpenMoves's fault but instead is down to a configuration change within the receiver. We've made this changed in order to prevent contacts from being unsubscribed unnecessarily.


Contact Management Improvements:

To make managing contacts easier, we've introduced some changes and enhancements to how contacts are exported and deleted.

  • When viewing or editing an individual contact, two contact actions are now available – export and delete
  • When deleting a contact, the contact will now be placed in the account's recycle bin for 30 days, after which time they're deleted
  • You can now view your 'binned' contacts in the account 'Recycle bin', which is located in the settings menu (this used to be ‘Utilities’). It's only accessible by account admins. The recycle bin can be emptied, and contacts can be recovered before 30 days are up.
  • You can now export or delete a suppressed contact's data; this deletion is immediate and they don't go into the recycle bin - however, we do keep a record of their email address in order to ensure we always honor the suppression, should they ever get re-added
  • Where a subsequently deleted contact's email address is referenced in reporting and program statistics/reporting, they'll appear instead as 'Deleted contact'

Other Improvements:

We've switched on HTTPS for our links in campaigns. This means the 'view in browser' page, 'unsubscribe' page, and the link re-director now run over a secure connection.

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