Designing your survey - configuring a consent element


You can add consent text to your survey that respondents can tick to agree to. This is useful for demonstrating consent under the EU's GDPR, and it's also useful if you wish to be CASL compliant.

If it's a survey that's assigned to a contact data field then the consent data will be stored as ConsentInsight against the contact. 

If you export a survey containing consent, the text and whether it was agreed to or not will be included in the export file.

Configuring a consent element

Select the Consent element from the left-hand side panel and drag it in. Click on Type your consent here to then enter your consent text.


You can set consent agreement to be a required answer, if you wish.

If your survey is assigned to a contact data field, then the following will get stored for the contact in ConsentInsight:

  • consent text (this may be limited to 255 characters if you've previously created an Insight data collection, otherwise it's 1000 characters)
  • the date and time of consent (when the survey was submitted (in UTC))
  • the URL of the page that hosts the form
  • the IP address of the respondent
  • the full user agent
  • the date and time the record was created (in UTC)
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