Assigning questions to your contact data fields


By assigning survey questions to contact data fields, you can easily add respondents as new contacts - or enrich and update the data held on existing contacts.

Assign a question to a contact data field

Click on any assignable element within your survey - either a text box, email address, dropdown, multiple choice, date and time, or hidden value. The Assign to a data field checkbox is positioned at the top of the Configure tab in the left-hand side panel.


Check the box and then choose an existing contact data field to assign the question to from the dropdown that appears below it.

Alternatively, you can create a brand new one by clicking on create a new contact data field. Data types can either be text, numeric, date or yes/no. Make sure you select the right type for the data you're collecting.

If you're sending the survey to existing contacts, you have the option of hiding the question or allowing the user to update, and thus overwrite, the data held on them.


An assigned email address element is required

If you want to be able to proceed by clicking on Save & continue for surveys that have assigned questions, you'll need to have assigned an email address element to the email address contact data field. Otherwise, the following message will display.


Click on Add one for me now and an email address element will be inserted into your survey, already assigned.

Alternatively, you can choose to save the survey regardless (useful if you've not finished creating it), but data won't be assigned if you make it live in this state. 

You can select which address book new contacts are added to, and which existing contacts are updated in, as you move on to decide upon address book options when choosing your survey's settings.

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