We're retiring Surveys & forms

Learn if the retirement of Surveys & forms affects you and what you need to do to make the most of Pages and forms.


In 2019, we replaced Surveys & forms with a more user-friendly and effective tool, Pages and forms. As we gradually bring Surveys & forms into retirement, it's important to note that all your content built using the tool will continue to work into the future. However, you will lose the ability to edit content, and eventually, you won't be able to access the tool at all.

For this reason, we recommend you start using Pages and forms as soon as you can, and if you need to, migrate your content across. Here's our timeline for the upcoming changes:

Date Changes
25 January 2021 You can no longer create new content in Surveys & forms. You can still edit existing content.
15 March 2021 You can no longer edit existing content in Surveys & forms. 
5 July 2021 We remove Surveys & forms from the channel menu of your account. 

Does this change affect you?

Learn whether this change affects you:

  • This change affects you...
    • If you have content in Surveys & forms.
      Use this article to learn how to migrate your content into Pages and forms and avoid any future disruption. If you don’t want to migrate to the new Pages and forms, or you take no action before March 15, 2021, your content will continue to work but you will no longer be able to edit or unpublish it.
    • If you use the CopyKat tool in Surveys & forms.
      You will no longer be able to create new or edit previous surrounds. 
  • This change doesn't affect you...
    • If you have content in Pages and forms and don't use Surveys & forms. You can continue using Pages and forms as normal.


 Migrate Surveys & forms content to Pages and forms

The newer Pages and forms functionality was built with ease-of-use in mind. In fact, the tool you use to build your new forms is even called EasyEditor – the same tool you might use to create your email campaigns. With this tool, you can replicate your old surveys as well as the landing pages you might need to accompany them.

The great thing about the new Pages and forms tool is that it’s intuitive to use, but we’re also here at every step to help.

Contact OpenMoves Support to schedule a one-on-one session to help with the migration and learn about how to make full use of Pages and Forms.


Get more help

Your account or customer success manager can also arrange training to walk you through Pages and forms step-by-step.

If you have too much content to migrate, our Professional services team are available to migrate your surveys for you. To discuss this option, simply contact your account or customer success manager.


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