Create and publish a form

Learn to create a simple form for collecting customer information.


Customise your form to represent your brand, and get the information you need from your customers. After creating your form, you can link directly to it, or embed it on any page of your site.

Before you start

You can build a form on the Pages and forms editor. For a form to differ from a page, it must include at least one input option from the Form blocks menu and an action button.

You don't need to add action buttons to every section.

Step 1: Create a form

To start creating a form:

  1. Go to Pages and forms, and select New page or form.
  2. Choose a template.
    For this example, we choose Blank form.
  3. Enter a Page name, and expand the location drop-down menu to choose a location for your form.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. In the Form editor, edit and customise any template elements.
  6. To add form elements, expand the Form blocks section in the left panel and drag any form-related elements onto your form canvas.
  7. To add general items, such as headings and text, expand the Building blocks section in the left panel and drag any elements onto your form canvas.
  8. Select Save.
    You're asked to set up your Submit actions. To learn how, see Step 2: Configure Submit actions.

Step 2: Configure Submit actions

After saving your form in Step 1, a side panel appears asking you to set up your Submit actions. Use the submit actions to decide how many times a user can submit a form, and what happens to the respondents who submit a form.


To configure your submit actions:

  1. Under Respondents can complete the form choose either Once or Multiple times.
  2. To add respondents to an address book. Under the heading Add respondents > To address book, select Select and choose the address book you want to add respondents to.
  3. To enrol respondents on a program. Under the heading Add respondents > Enrol onto program, select Select and choose the program you want to enrol respondents onto.
  4. Select Apply.

Step 3: Publish your form

To publish your form:

  1. On the Form editor, select Publish.
    1. The Publish side-panel opens.
  2. Under the heading Address, select Create a link.
    This creates a URL for your form.
    1. Expand the Publish on drop-down menu, and choose the domain you want to publish your form on.
    2. Under Friendly part, enter the friendly part of your URL.
      Use something recognisable and easy to remember.
    3. Select Apply.
  3. Under the heading Launch, select Publish and then Save and publish to make your form live.
  4. If you want to embed your form; under the heading Generate embed or pop-over code, select either Generate embed code or Generate pop-over code.
  5. To view your form, select Visit link.
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