Adding links into your campaigns

Adding links into your campaigns

The option to add links (hyperlinks) appears on the ribbon whenever you are working on text or images. We've included some standard links in drag-and-drop editor which we know you'll find useful including the unsubscribe link, which must be included in all campaigns.

When adding links to text, most users will first type text into their campaign, then select that text before clicking the Link button. You also have the option to click your mouse where you want the text link to appear and do the whole thing within the Add a Link option.


A standard link to a webpage can have the following aspects set in the Add a link screen:

  • Color - choose what color your links should be to make them stand out from the surrounding text; common practice is for links to be blue
  • Underline - choose whether or not your links are underlined
  • Text - the words that should be linked
  • Link - the URL of the page you want to link to
  • Link name - the keyword to be used to refer to the link 
  • Do not track this link - if you do not want our application to track clicks on this link

The preview screen shows how this link will appear in the campaign.

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