BASIC Salesforce integration (DEPRECIATED)

BASIC Salesforce integration (DEPRECIATED)

We offer a free basic Salesforce Integration with limited support. Please note, this integration is no longer being updated and has limited and basic support. This basic integration may not be compatible with future updates/upgrades to OM. Please contact an us before setting up discuss if this solution is for you.

  • Import all contact/lead data from Salesforce to an individual OM3 address book (All contacts imported into one address book and/or all leads into another)
  • Allows you to set a daily sync or manually synchronize your email campaign contact history reporting with your SF account.
  • View basic campaign information such as when the campaign was sent, opened and clicked in Salesforce within the contact’s “Activity history”
  • Set suppression sync between SF/OM3 – (Both ways)

Navigate to the settings cog on the top right. You should then see a drop down > click “accounts” > click “account settings” > scroll down to “Salesforce” and click on “Amend your salesforce settings”.
From here, please follow instructions on setting up the login and token that will connect OM3 to your SF.

You can sync contacts from SF to OM3 by going to create an address book and clicking on Import your contacts from Salesforce. Then you will be able to import leads or contacts into a specific address book.


Also, you can sync campaigns by going in to the reporting for the campaign in OM3 and clicking “sync with salesforce” on the top right. Otherwise, it should sync daily.

In salesforce, you will see the campaign sent, opened or clicked by the contact by going into the contact’s page and going down to “Activity History”

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